Kate Middleton: Little Things That Make Prince William’s Wife Beautiful

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Kate Middleton listens to women recount their personal experiences, at a Gloucester centre that helps disadvantaged and trauma sufferers. Apart from getting the best education, the Duchess of Cambridge can relate with ordinary folks and show empathy.

Kate Middleton has been described in many ways by people of varying ages: modern, simple, family-oriented, beautiful and capable. “Inspirational” was how the chief executive of the Nelson Trust Women’s Centre in Gloucester, which the Duchess of Cambridge recently visited, described her.

Hailing from an upper middle class family, Kate got the best education, and had lots of opportunity to deal with ordinary folks. Two months before she turns 35, Prince William’s wife has become one of the most watched royals.

She has gained a multitude of friends as well as detractors along the way. Yes, despite her positive traits, the favorite British royal happens to be one of the most maligned. With every action and every attire chronicled by media entities for public consumption, the Duchess of Cambridge and those she regularly interacts with undergo close scrutiny.

Yet it is only those people who have met the Duchess of Cambridge up close can attest to how she really is. One instance was Kate Middleton she visited the Gloucester centre that lends support to vulnerable women — and offers services to those grappling with substance addiction, trauma and abuse or sexual exploitation — so they can turn their life around.

The Nelson Trust Chief Executive noted that Kate’s “insights are impressive and her interest is sincere.” Genuine concern for the plight of others and sound education make a powerful tandem that can translate to real action.

As former U.S. President Lyndon Johnson once said, “We have entered an age in which education is not just a luxury permitting some men an advantage over others, It has become a necessity without which a person is defenseless in this complex, industrialized society.”

Therein lies the Duchess of Cambridge’s key strengths. Besides being the UK’s first royal bride with a university degree, Kate Middleton has exhibited in several instances that she can devote her mental energy to listening to other people’s thoughts and feelings, especially the vulnerable segments of society. Indeed, if there is one other thing that the rising star of the British royal family has, it is empathy.

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