Kate Middleton Reportedly Overworked Due To Queen Elizabeth Assigning Back-to-Back Royal Duties

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Kate Middleton Overworked Due To Queen Elizabeth Assigning Back-to-Back Royal Duties [Rumor]

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been reported to be escaping her royal duties. Recently, it appears that Queen Elizabeth forced Kate Middleton to attend one royal engagement after another. The latest news said that the Duchess is being overworked by the Queen and shows signs of exhaustion.

According to the latest news, the Duchess used her two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte to excuse herself from her royal commitments. But now, her majesty, Queen Elizabeth has given Kate Middleton no choice but to do the jobs that will fulfil her royal responsibilities.

It was previously reported that Queen Elizabeth did not think that the wife of Prince William is a good mother to her kids. The last thing the Queen wanted to see is his grandson’s wife pull out her engagements just because of her duties as a mother.

The Duchess has been taking on more solo events. In fact, Kate Middleton was spotted in Gloucestershire. She went to the women’s prison and at the Nelson Trust Women’s Center. It was said that Kate Middleton is worried about her facial features due to lack of sleep. She has never felt more tired in her life because of her royal duties.

The couple have been put to work by doing back-to-back royal engagements for months now. And the exhaustion began to show especially on the Duchess. Many critics noticed how pale and less energetic Kate Middleton was when she was seen on her charity stops. Needless to say, the Duchess wanted to take a break from all her engagements but the Queen would not let her.

Lately, it was reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William seem to living separate lives. Despite the fact that the couple has been facing a lot of challenges in their marriage, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge are afraid that the public would know about their troubled marriage and do not want the public to know a bit about it. These reports could possibly be true but neither report was officially confirmed.

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