U.S. Election 2016 Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Republican Candidate Trump Wins Indiana Election

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U.S. Election 2016 Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Republican Candidate Trump Wins Indiana Election

Donald Trump receives strong support from Indiana by winning with 62 percent against Hillary Clinton’s 34 percent in the U.S. Election 2016. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 4 percent of votes in the state. The

Republican candidate Trump wins over Democrat candidate Clinton in the presidential race in Indiana, a US state holding 11 electoral votes. This does not come as a surprise since the state is already expected to be won by the Republicans. The Hoosier state has always a been red state and with that, Trump is easily projected to emerge as winner in the battleground state for the U.S. Election 2016.

Indiana, aside from historically showing support to the Republicans, is also the home state of the Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence who is Donald Trump’s running mate. Additionally, Pence is the governor of the state.

Indiana is long known as a stronghold for the Republicans. Since 1990, there had only been five instances where the state sided with a Democrat president.

George W. Bush had won the state with a far-reaching margin during the 2000 and 2004 elections. Barrack Obama, a Democrat candidate won by a narrow difference over John McCain in 2008. In the following election however, the state reverted to the Republican side by having Mitt Romney win with 54 percent of the votes against the 4 percent won by the incumbent Obama.

Meanwhile, recent updates of the U.S. Election 2016 reveal NBC and CNN gives a projection that Donald Trump will win Ohio which is considered a major victory for the Republican candidate’s campaign.

In addition to the latest polls, Donald Trump has also won Missouri with 10 electoral votes, Montana with 3, Louisiana with 8, Arkansas with 6, Kansas with 6, and Mississippi with 6.

U.S. Election 2016 is coming to a close soon. Aside from getting the most votes, 270 out of 538 votes in the electoral college has to be secured as well.

Who among the two candidates will become the 45th president of the United States? Will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

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