U.S. Election Live Results Update: Map and Vote Count Shows Donald Trump Close to Winning

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Donald Trump Very Close to Winning the U.S. Elections, Seen on Real-Time Map and Vote Counter

The unexpectedly highly-successful Presidential campaign of Donald Trump proved to be more than meets the eye as the US election unfolds. The multi-millionaire has beaten Hillary Trump in most of the states, most recently in Florida, leading the Presidential race.

Florida has always been one of the most significant states in the election, and Donald Trump’s victory in it has dealt a massive blow to the Democratic candidate. As of the time of writing, all Trump needs is six electoral votes to win the presidency.

Just before 11 pm, Tuesday night, the race was called in as 95 percent of the total votes for Florida were accounted for. It was reported that 49.2 percent of the votes went to Trump, while 47.7 percent went to Hillary Clinton.

The past month have been a close battle between the two, with surveys saying that while Trump has a minuscule 0.4 percent lead, the fight was almost always close. There have been instances of them exchanging leads as well, according to data collected on the months leading up to the election.

However, as this real-time map and counter on The Washington Post shows, it is apparent that Trump is leading the race with a significant surplus of votes, relative to Clinton. The page also shows a stream of links that leads to the latest news of the US election as it unfolds.

The red bar represents Trump, and blue for Clinton; already one can see how close Trump is to being the next President of the United States of America. Most of the headlines also state Trump’s victory in various states across the US.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was said to have campaigned diligently in the Sunshine State of Florida. Of course, both knew that it is one of the key states that will lead to an easier and smoother path to the presidency.

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