U.S. Elections 2016 Result: Donald Trump Wins In Ohio, Hillary Clinton Tops In Virginia and Colorado

The U.S. Elections 2016: Donald Trump Wins In Ohio, Hillary Clinton Tops In Virginia and Colorado

The U.S. Elections 2016 just reached a feverish pace. Americans cast their ballots for the US Presidential candidate they deemed more qualified. Republican candidate Donald Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in several “swing” states.

Trump won in Ohio, a crucial state in the race for the White House. It is in the Eastern state in the Great Lakes region of the USA and the 34th biggest state by area.

Trump’s election watch party has reason to be jubilant, since the business magnate also clinched victory in two other “swing states” – Florida and North Carolina.  The question on many people’s minds now is whether that paves a clear path to the White House.

For her part, Clinton was able to emerge the winner in Virginia and Colorado, but she needed to take Michigan, Nevada, Iowa and Pennsylvania to up her chances.

For many, the notion that the old way of governance may not work anymore prompted them to break with tradition. For some people, the voting decision was influenced by ties in the past.  Celebrities like Mike Tyson, for instance, have a connection with Trump dating back to the 1980s, Several Tyson fights were staged in the Trump’s hotel and casino holdings.

This November, notwithstanding his brash statements, sexual harassment issues, and despite receiving one  attack after another, Donald Trump has emerged the victor in several key states for the U.S. Elections. Fervent hopes of a swift triumph for Hillary Clinton faded even as she got the backing of numerous high-profile personalities, including A-list celebrities.

It can be noted that in recent election cycles, the Presidency has been won in Ohio and Florida. Both Presidential contenders this year expended  an enormous amount of resources on Florida and Ohio.

More multi-channel U.S. elections updates continue to be churned out. Donald Trump managed to win in other states, including Indiana, a stronghold of Republicans. The billionaire had, a few days earlier, presented the preposterous idea at a rally in Toledo, Ohio, of cancelling the elections and hand him the Presidency, moreso since, in his words, Clinton’s “policies are so bad.”

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