How Chris Evans, Jenny Slate Real-Life Chemistry Plays Out on the Big Screen

Chris Evans, new movie, Jenny Slate
Chris Evans has a new movie where he co-stars current love Jenny Slate. He has also been active in social media lately, voicing his sentiments on Donald Trump.

Who is the current object of affection of hunk Hollywood actor Chris Evans? Avid fans of the Captain America: Civil War actor had known by middle of this year something was brewing between him and actress Jenny Slate. Fans recently got a glimpse of how the real-life chemistry plays out on the big screen when the official trailer for their new movie Gifted was released.

The scenes that Chris and Jenny have together in the 2017 movie are brief ones, with the actress portraying the role of teacher to the young lead actress who plays the niece of Chris Evans’ character. In real life, though, their relationship has blossomed into something promising, and hopefully not as fleeting.

The two celebrities met on the set of their drama film. The Secret Life of Pets actress and the popular actor made their relationship public when they attended the red carpet premiere in New York City of the American 3D computer-animated adventure-comedy movie.

Chris and Jenny have not been dating long but their “instant” bonding, facilitated by Anna Faris’ podcast, was amazing. Jenny had just gone through the divorce process with filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp in May. Jenny admitted she initially did not know what to expect from being teamed up with Chris Evans who, after all, was “Captain America,” but after they started hanging out, they really connected.

Chris Evans said that he and Jenny were “like the same animal.” Crossing paths and finding each other through their new movie had been nothing short of serendipitous.

In other news, Chris has been active on social media lately. He was one of several Hollywood celebrities who made their voices heard before and after Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. Presidential elections. Quite recently, he tweeted, “No more fear. Only hopeful optimism. I gonna let love be my guide. All my energy will now go towards protecting the rights of ALL Americans.”

Indeed, is very much a part of Chris Evans’ life now.  Apart from his new movie, The Gifted, Chris and the other superhero cast members  will be deep in work on the Infinity War superhero epic films. Avengers: Infinity War is slated to hit cinemas in May 2018.


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