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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abby Returns, Chad, Gabi Fall in Love

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A love triangle that was built will now be broken. Major spoilers for an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives hint that Abby is back in Salem while Chad and Gabi fall in love.

A person who was thought to be dead is making a return to Salem. Big Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Abigail’s back, and with a vengeance? Maybe.

For now, she will be lurking around and it might not be long before someone finds out who she really is. But what could this mean? Especially for Chad?

Abby’s return to Salem might spell out a rather complicated situation for Chad. Chad loves her, and despite what happened or supposedly happened, he still adores Abby a lot. Still, they have a lot of problems to sort out once Chad finds out that she is back, and he will.

But Chad will not worry about Abigail’s return…yet, as Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he is now in love with Gabi and Gabi actually feels the same. Gabi is heartbroken after JJ confessed that he cheated on her during his welcome home party from the hospital.

However, despite wanting to make things right between her and JJ, Gabi is a little too hurt from JJ’s confession. Everyone knows JJ does not have a great track record when it comes to romantic affairs, as he previously cheated on Paige by sleeping with Eve.

JJ may or may not have made a wise decision after apologizing to Gabi over and over. In fact, he may have unknowingly made Chad and Gabi closer after coming to him for advice on how to get through to her. JJ still thinks Chad is mourning for Abigail after all.

On the other hand, Kate is doing the same on purpose. Kate will insist that Chad should go after what he wants, and Gabi is what he wants.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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