‘Deadpool 2’ Production, Director: Production Date Revealed; Sequel Found Its Director to Replace Tim Miller

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The start of Deadpool 2’s production date is revealed. Have they already found a director to replace Tim Miller’s spot? It appears like the awaited sequel will have to hustle as production quickly approaches.

Remember all the spectacle that commenced before Deadpool was finally greenlighted by Fox? It took over a decade and an illegal move (by leaking a test footage that got an uproar from fans wanting to watch the film) for the studio to propel the movie towards our big screens.

Worry not as it would not take that long for the sequel to kick its gears despite the production being in disarray. It is revealed that Deadpool 2 will begin production on January 2017 in Vancouver. Is that enough time to find a replacement for Miller?

Miller directed the first film which was an unexpected box office hit despite its low budget as compared to other superhero films. However, Miller and Ryan Reynolds, the actor playing the titular hero and also the film’s co-producer, had some creative differences on where to go with the sequel.

The former wants a more stylized and serious production that can compete with other big superhero films while the latter wants to keep the raunchy comedy and low budget that won the hearts of many fans and viewers on the first film.

Deadpool’s writers are with Reynolds on this one and took his side. Another clash between Miller and Reynolds include the casting of Cable’s role. These and more made Miller decide to drop the movie instead but there is no bad blood between the parties as Miller is still amicable with them. In fact, he is even slated to direct another movie by Fox titled Influx.

As of now, Miller got his hands full as an executive producer of Sony’s live-action/CG-animated hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog at Blur Studio in collaboration with Jeff Fowler in his directorial debut. The animated film is set to hit theatres in 2018.

Meanwhile, Deadpool 2 will be swamped to look for a director and cast for Cable and Domino. Ruby Rose, Lizzy Caplan and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are some of the top picks for the role of Domino which is on active casting. John Wick’s David Leich and Cabin in the Woods’ Drew Goddard are rumored to be in talks to direct the sequel as well.

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