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‘General Hospital’ Nov. 10 Spoilers: Hayden Rushed To Hospital; Jax Comforts Carly Before Morgan’s Funeral

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Gossips, confrontations and emergencies will occupy our Port Charles citizens as we head to Morgan’s funeral and end this week on a sad note. General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 10 suggest some developments to propel our characters’ growth as they move forward.

In Casa Corinthos, Nelle comforts Sonny a few hours before Morgan’s funeral. His wife Carly is also getting some comfort from another man. Jax lends some soothing words to Carly while she continues to blame herself for her son’s demise. She believes it is her fault for not keeping Morgan away from Sonny and his perilous lifestyle.

Another mother is livid over her son’s safety. Sam will be furious to find out that Alexis is back to her drinking habits and her mother has backed out on her promise to her.

Sam deduces that Alexis has been drinking while babysitting Danny which will add fuel to the fire as her mother put little Danny’s safety at risk. After the incident, will Alexis finally turn her back on her vice?

Meanwhile, the gossip mill is churning for some people at Port Charles and Finn will be the victim of it. General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 10 also show Liz and Brad will get their heads together to discuss how Finn has been looking quite bad lately.

The two then draws a stunning conclusion over their chitchat. Additionally, Liesl is also off to her own gossiping ways as she is teased to badmouth Finn to Monica. It is safe to say negative consequences are about to come Finn’s way because of all these gossips.

On the other side, an emergency is in store for Hayden in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 10. She is found unconscious on the mansion by Finn and Laura and they immediately rush her to GH. What happened to Hayden? Is she in serious danger?

General Hospital airs Monday to Friday on ABC.

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