Hillary Clinton’s Assistant Huma Abedin Not an Islam Infiltrator of U.S. Government

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Huma Abedin Revealed to be Islam Infiltrator of US Government in Hillary Clinton Victory [Rumor]

Huma Abedin, a 40-year-old Muslim from birth, has been working closely with the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton for years. The news said that Clinton ended her presidential campaign with Abedin supporting her. Days before the Election, Abedin stepped away for about a week from the campaign because there was an ongoing FBI investigation.

According to some netizens who shared the same message via social media, Huma Abedin sent a private message to her brother. She confessed her true secret mission for being in America and working for Clinton, and that is to infiltrate and take over the government of the United States on behalf of Islam once Clinton got the presidential position.

However, James Comey, an FBI Director announced that nothing was found on the laptop when they had their investigation. In addition to this, Abedin’s lawyer, Karen Dunn, stated that her client did not know that her emails were on a computer belonged to her estranged husband.

She added that from the beginning, Abedin has complied fully and voluntarily with the State Department and Law Enforcements requests. Eventually, Abedin returned to Clinton’s side to support her on the campaign.

In 1996, Abedin served under the then-first lady’s Chief of Staff, Maggie Williams as a White House intern. After four years, Abedin became a backup aide and an advisor to Clinton during her senate years, even a deputy Chief of Staff when Hillary Clinton became the Secretary of State in 2009.

Yesterday, photos from Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech showed that Huma Abedin was seated at the front row. The Democratic presidential nominee delivered her speech at the New Yorker Hotel’s Grand Ballroom after losing the race to President-Elect Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

The rumors are most probably false. However, seeing as Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election, there was no telling whether Huma Abedin’s “secret mission” was to be actually carried out.

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