Prince Harry Reportedly Breaking Up With Meghan Markle for Revealing Their ‘Secret’ Relationship

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Prince Harry Breaks Up With Meghan Markle for Revealing Their ‘Secret’ Relationship?

Prince Harry, Prince William’s younger brother, has been dating the Suits actress Meghan Markle since summer of this year. According to recent reports, Kensington Palace has also confirmed the couple’s relationship.

Their secret relationship was revealed on Sunday, Oct. 30. The couple first met during Markle’s trip in London, on March of this year. Since then, they began their relationship, spending time together in London and Canada on their unpublicized dates. The actress has also dined with Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, as well as Harry’s father, Prince Charles.

In addition to this, the actress has been giving clues by sharing posts on her Instagram account like the one where she was wearing a distinctive blue bracelet identical to what Prince Harry was wearing earlier this year. Despite this, Meghan Markle managed to keep their relationship secret for months.

Some time recently, there was an article that said Prince Harry has left Meghan because the actress informed the press about their secret relationship. Since that day, the Prince has no choice but to end his relationship with the actress because Queen Elizabeth wants him to marry someone who is serious about her royal duties.

They added that the Queen does not want Hollywood Stars in the Royal Family. It was also said that the Queen would never approve of Prince Harry dating or marrying someone like the actress; so the two were also keeping their romance out of the public.

Contrary to what was reported, Gossip Cop corrected the speculations about the couple that Prince Harry did not split up with his girlfriend Meghan Markle. Their secret relationship was only confirmed last Sunday. The website added that there were no sources to back up these reports about the couple’s break up.

The recent news stated that Prince Harry is worried about the safety of Markle and is disappointed that he could not protect her at this time. The Prince added that this is not a game for him and this is about her life and his.

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