Prince William, Kate Middleton Baby No. 3 Not Confirmed

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Baby No. 3 Confirmed? Baby Bumps Seen on Duchess’ Social Media Photos

There were recent reports that say the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are going to have their baby No. 3 soon. The Duchess visited the women at Nelson Trust Women’s Centre in Gloucestershire this week. A photo shared by Kensington Palace while she was attending her royal engagement showed that she was wearing a blue Mulberry coat. It caused the media to react as it indicated the gender of her baby.

In addition to this, more speculations were spreading about the possibility of a third baby when Kate Middleton was all over social media. Some photos showed that she appeared to have a slight baby bump, but there is no visible bulge in other photos. Royal watchers are consistently looking for subtle clues or hints if she is really pregnant.

This was further fuelled by the fact that several months ago, an exclusive report said that the royal couple, parents of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, want baby no. 3 soon. A family friend of the royal parents revealed that it would not be a surprise if Kate is pregnant by Christmas.

The Royal parents are of course still unaware of their baby’s gender. If ever Prince William and Kate Middleton were expecting their third baby, they will most likely make an announcement, but will not disclose the gender readily.

The royal children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are said to be living as normal lives as possible at their home in Norfolk. Prince George, according to the source close to Middleton family, plays with Matchbox cars and is obsessed with anything with an engine. Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, shadows her mom. For instance, if the Duchess is in the study, the princess wants to be in the study too.

Prince William and Kate Middleton both wanted to have a big family. According to the report, the royal couple was eager to add a family portrait with baby no. 3 with them.

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