Prince William, Kate Middleton Did Not Divorce; Reason Why Duke of Cambridge Is Not Wearing Wedding Ring

Prince William, Kate Middleton, wedding ring
Prince William and Kate Middleton are shown with their children during their trip to Canada. The Duke of Cambridge is noted for not being keen on wearing much jewelry, not even a wedding ring.

Have you noticed how Prince William does not seem to be wearing his wedding ring whenever he and Kate Middleton go out as a family or attend royal engagements?

Before you start jumping into conclusions, here is a news tidbit that may not have merited your attention through the years. It is simply his personal preference to go ring-less. Modern-day relationships need not be bound by rules. Not even if you are a British royal, like in this particular aspect. Prince William’s choice not to wear a wedding ring is not at all indicative of his commitment and love for Kate.

Prince William is not much into jewellery. Except for a watch, he is often seen without any jewelry pieces on. His decision not to wear a wedding ring is something he and Kate Middleton had discussed even before they got married.

The Duchess of Cambridge, on the other hand, has her simple wedding gold band. She has also been spotted and photographed wearing the big 12-carat oval-shaped sapphire ring that belonged to Princess Diana.

That is the ring that has gone to many occasions. The ring can be seen on the Duchess of Cambridge’s finger — as she carried Prince George when he was an infant, when she welcomed  family and friends during her firstborn’s christening, when she spent time with Prince William at a luxury lodge, when she visited landmarks outside the U.K., and when she attended royal engagements back home.

Besides her wedding ring, Prince William had given his wife other jewelry gifts, including a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings that perfectly matched Kate Middleton’s engagement ring.  Kate Middleton had them redesigned as drops, which she wore during the Royal Canadian tour.  In the past, the British royal couple had been presented with jewelry gifts, like the Harry Winston brooch encrusted with diamonds, and a pair of cufflinks given by Northwest Territories of Canada back in 2011.

Photo Source: Province of British Columbia/Flickr

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