Tesco Black Friday 2016 Deals: A Week and a Half of Online-Only Bargains

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While the concept of Black Friday came from the U.S., even the stores in the UK are getting in on it too. Among those stores getting ready for Black Friday in 2016 is Tesco, and here is what to expect on the day itself.

One of the questions that would come to mind would be: Online or offline?

Fortunately, for many, and possibly unfortunately for some, the Black Friday deals for 2016 in Tesco will be done online only. On the upside, shoppers will be able to snag a lot of bargains in the comfort of their homes without having to deal with the crazy lines and fellow shoppers that will wild out upon setting foot inside the store.

So when will this happen?

The start of these online deals from Tesco will be on Black Friday itself, on November 21, 2016 and will not only last the whole day, it will be for a whole week!

Which items in particular will a lot of people end up getting?

As it is Black Friday, expect that a lot of the bargains will probably happen for Tesco’s bestsellers, namely small appliances, gaming consoles, tablets and television sets. Just in time for Cyber Monday, right?

However, no specific deals have yet been released by Tesco for Black Friday 2016. Fortunately, it can be expected that Tesco will bring out more deals and expanding their product categories that the chain will promote on the day itself.

Shoppers who will be joining in on the shopping frenzy might want to sign up for the Tesco Direct Website to be among the first to know what deals will come from the stores.

According to the representative of Tesco, Black Friday of the previous year proved to be the chain’s most successful in terms of sales. It was the busiest day of the year for the chain as well.

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