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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Nov. 11 Spoilers: Quinn Schemed During Forrester Creations Fashion Show; Maya versus Zende

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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 11 are full of tension. Quinn will face a nerve-wracking fallout from Ridge and Pam’s schemes in the fashion while Zende and Maya get into a heated confrontation because of each other’s actions.

Quinn is agitated over Pam’s “stupid” prank by hiding, jumping out and then scaring her. With the Forrester Creations’ fashion show in mind, it is unbelievable to her that Pam still has the nerve to pull such childish pranks like that. But Quinn is not safe from schemes yet.

Spoilers for Nov. 11 reveal Ridge might have something in store for Quinn that can crash her and destroy the fashion show. Despite Quinn insisting to set aside their differences and personal lives for a few hours just for the fashion show, it appears not everyone is on board with the idea.

Getting assurances from Wyatt and Ivy, and Eric “most of all” that they believe in her, Quinn will be prepared to face the fashion show she gave all her efforts to. However, Ridge might be successful in pulling off his schemes for Quinn as The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 11 show Quinn panicking on what to do.

Meanwhile, Eric is at home with Katie and announces that he is “a man in need of a viewing partner.” He invites Katie that they “have a fashion show to watch.” Will Katie and Eric’s closeness cause jealousy from Quinn?

Also in The Bold and Beautiful this Friday, Maya and Zende gets into a confrontation. Maya is infuriated over Zende betraying “Nicole like that again.” Zende will point his finger at Maya that her request for surrogacy put the rift on their relationship.

However, Maya will fire back that the surrogacy might be the catalyst, but Zende’s actions is his own. Out of all the things he could do to cope up for his and Nicole’s argument, running off to Hawaii with another woman, Sasha especially, is despicable.

Now that Nicole is hurting, will her relationship with Zende still be mended?

The Bold and the Beautiful airs Monday to Friday on CBS.

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