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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 4 Episode 6 Spoilers: Rosa, Pimento’s Wedding, Jake, Gina Look for Earrings

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A wedding is about to happen in the Nine-Nine and it is not a wedding without some sticky situations to get in the way. Spoilers for an upcoming episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 tease that Rosa and Pimento finally get married while Jake and Gina look for Pimento’s grandmother’s earrings.

During the previous season, Pimento ended up having to keep himself off the grid. He also had to go into hiding upon finding out that Figgis tried to have him killed during his bachelor party with the men in the squad. The squad’s attempt to get Figgis jailed ended up with both Captain Holt and Jake under the witness protection program in Florida.

After all the trouble and hiding from Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis from the previous season and previous episodes, Rosa and Pimento are reunited at last.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 spoilers suggest that they will pick up where they left off and get hitched.

The whole squad will participate in the festivities and under Amy’s direction, they decide to throw the two detectives a wonderful wedding. In the midst of the preparations, Pimento asks Jake and Gina to look for his grandmother’s ruby earrings so Rosa could wear them at the wedding.

However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 spoilers for Episode 6 suggest that the universe has other plans.

This could only mean the two of them would get into a sticky situation with a wedding at stake. This is not the first time Jake was in this kind of situation as previously, during the wedding of Charles’ dad to Gina’s mother, Jake and Amy had to find a wedding ring.

Will Rosa and Pimento’s wedding go smoothly? Will Jake and Gina be able to find the ruby earrings in time?

Previously, the squad took part in their annual Halloween Heist which ended in Gina coming out victorious.

Episode 6 is titled Monster in the Closet and it guest stars Jason Mantzoukas, Antonio Raul Corbo, Tara Karsian and Joe W. Keyes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 airs Tuesdays on Fox.

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