Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift Not Back Together Again, But Ex-Couple Make Up On Twitter

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Calvin Harris And Taylor Swift Back Together Again? Ex-Couple Make Up On Twitter

For a couple of weeks now, reports all over social media as well as famous entertainment news said that Calvin Harris and Taylor swift, who dated for 15 months, are secretly dating again. The pair avoided each other on social media right after their breakup but possible to be back together again soon.

The recent reports said that Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, posted a kind tweet about her. Harris publicly said his thanks to her and another singer, Rihanna for a collaborative hit song. He mentioned on his tweet that he is blessed to work with the two incredible artists last Nov. 5.

According to a report, their love story came to an end last May shortly after they celebrated their one-year anniversary. The two have shown their love publicly on social media and even at award shows. They added that the age difference was part of the problem and that Taylor Swift was not shocked because the two have had ongoing issues prior to their breakup.

At that time, it was also reported that Tom Hiddleston, one of Swift’s ex-boyfriends, told her that Harris had been flirting with another woman behind her back. Months after, it was said that Hiddleston fabricated a story so he could date Swift. Moreover, the allegations Hiddleston made against Harris were unfounded and a complete lie. When Swift found out about this, she quickly made amends with Harris.

In recent months, there have been reports that the two are exchanging messages again. Reports said that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are cool again and mostly going to be together at some events and around the town.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift went through a public breakup but now that Harris finally made peace with Swift on Twitter, it is possible that the two are back together again but neither Harris nor Swift accepted or denied anything. It took them a while to patch things up and their followers are waiting for their love story on social media to be back again.

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