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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Theresa Overdoses, Brady Turns to Victor, Nicole for Help

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Desperate times call for desperate measures in Salem, especially for Theresa. Spoilers for an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives hint that she will suffer an overdose while Brady turns to Nicole and Victor for help.

Previously, it was hinted that Brady found drugs on Theresa, and naturally he was shocked by her supposed relapse into the bad habit. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Theresa will definitely commit to carrying out her plan of pushing Brady away.


By actually using those drugs until she overdoses herself. Brady does not know that Theresa is doing this to protect him from Mateo. She is buying herself more time to make a clean break without any personal connections to anyone else. Mateo will not stop until he has Theresa by his side after all, especially now that Guillermo told him where she is.

Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Victor finds Theresa suffering from an overdose of what she took. Theresa is rushed to the hospital but luckily for her, she makes it through. However, she will have to continue to push Brady away, and it seems like it is not working in her favor.

Theresa’s supposed relapse leaves Brady devastated, and he turns to Victor and Nicole for support. What Brady does not know is that Theresa previously asked Victor for help regarding this matter with Mateo. Despite not really caring about her, Victor hates that he has to see Brady suffer.

With Nicole, Brady is sensing that something is not right with Theresa. The two of them agree that there must be a way to get Theresa to snap out of it. As to how they plan on doing it remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Jade and Joey are set to tackle parenthood as Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Jade will tell Joey that she is pregnant. Just when their romance is fizzling out, this truth bomb will keep them together.

This leads to them having to make a big decision. Joey and Jade know that they are drifting apart, but will this baby reignite the flame they once had?

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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