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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Makes A Shocking Move During Morgan’s Funeral

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A cliffhanger episode will end the week and leave viewers on the edge of their seats on General Hospital. Something horrifying and shocking is about to happen during Morgan’s funeral as revealed in spoilers.

The grieving family and friends of Morgan gathered for his funeral. Kiki is going as well despite feeling like she does not deserve to be there. As for Carly, she leans on Nelle for support during the hard time despite the suspicions of Bobbie towards Nelle’s actions.

Meanwhile, Nelle delivers a note to Carly from Sonny. This is despite Sonny’s instruction to hand it over to Carly after the funeral. Spoilers suggest the letter bears Sonny’s last message for Carly as he plans to end his life while he suffers immense guilt because of Morgan’s death.

As she is rightfully grieving for the lost of her son, she fails to see how Sonny is suffering too despite the constant warnings from Nelle, Michael and Jason. This funeral is the last straw for Sonny as spoilers show him tearing up to the eulogy for his deceased son. He then walks up to Morgan’s coffin and confesses his fault for Morgan’s death. He also says that he has only wanted to keep his family safe.

Yet, he had put them in danger and he has a shocking solution for that. He pulls his gun out with an attempt to end his life in order to not endanger his family any longer.

His bestfriend will not let that happen though as he feels he is close to getting some progress with Sonny’s case. Jason will not let his efforts go in vain as he tries to stop Sonny from pulling the trigger to his own self.

Meanwhile, Hayden fights for her life in General Hospital spoilers. The infection she got sent her into sepsis and Tracy, Liz and Finn do what they can to save her. Will Hayden survive the crisis?

General Hospital airs from Monday to Friday on ABC.

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