Michael Buble, Luisana Lopalito Baby Not Afflicted With Leukemia; Family Stays Positive & Away From Limelight

Michael Buble, Luisana Lopalito, baby with cancer
Michael Buble is shown performing in Sydney. He and his wife have appealed to the public to respect their privacy and asked for prayers for the turnaround in the health of their baby Noah.

In Christmases past, his soothing and perky holiday songs cheered millions of people across the world. This year, Canadian singer-songwriter Michael Bublé may be feeling downhearted, yet he is optimistic that his son Noah’s health will show signs of improvement. He and his wife Luisana Lopalito have asked family and friends for prayers for their baby to get better.

Recently, Luisana’s sister, Daniela, debunked the report that went around that Noah is afflicted with leukemia. The sister said that it is not leukemia nor the central nervous system that has made Noah’s body go haywire.  She then implored people to cease speculating.

In his Facebook page, Michael Buble wrote that his family is devastated about the cancer diagnosis of his oldest son Noah. The singer has cancelled his tour as well as other professional engagements. He stated that he and Luisana Lopalito have a long journey ahead of them even now that their baby is undergoing medical treatment in the US.

Michael, 41, rose to stardom through sheer hard work and a passion for music that was manifested at at the age of five. Most of his songs defined the life stories of music lovers in the US UK, and many other parts of the world, including Asia.

The Grammy Award-winning singer has penned songs inspired by love, break-ups, people and events in his life. Indeed, Michael has often written songs about people dealing with everyday angsts, and how things can get crazy, but they end up realizing that there are people in their lives who make all the hardships worthwhile.

One of his tracks, Lost, resonates with individuals who may be going through difficult times, but are reassured that though things may look bad, they are never alone and will find a way out.  AMong the celebrities who have expressed support for Michael and his family is Shannen Doherty, who is also facing a health crisis. She encouraged the singer to stay positive as his son battles cancer.

When Michael Buble and Luisana Lopalito took to social media and released a lengthy statement, there was just one tiny yet powerful thought: that with prayers, their baby will show a turnabout in his condition.


Photo Source: Jeanie Mackinder/Flickr

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