Mike Rowe `Dirty Jobs’ Marks 13 Years of Professional Filth, Show’s Pull Similar to Donald Trump’s Appeal

Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs
Mike Rowe recently marked the 13th year `Dirty Jobs’ went on air to showcase the smelliest, grossest and weirdest American occupations through the Discovery Channel.

Mike Rowe, American host of the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs, which premiered with pilot episodes in November 2003 and ended 2012, recently weighed in on the striking similarity of the show’s appeal to people while it lasted, with Donald Trump. Both pandered to Americans who felt disregarded.

In retrospect, episodes of the defunct show featured Mike Rowe making playful jabs at some of the most bizarre, messy or disgusting occupational options. These top five Dirty Jobs include:

Shark Suit Tester – This type of job requires summoning enough courage to jump into a pool of water with sharks. You let them bite you. If you live, the suit works. If you do not, then that is your bad fortune.

Horse Inseminator – This is self-explanatory.

Chicken Sexer – This refers to a worker trained to separate female chicks  from the males into baskets of males or females. The Chick Sexer was the featured Dirty Job in an episode that aired in August 2005.

Snake Wrangler – Mike Rowe also tried jobs that bite. The snake wrangler was one odd job since it required the worker to make snakes vomit and then to study said vomit.

Sewer Inspector – This is one smelly and difficult way to earns bucks.  It requires wading through the underground conduit for drainage water and poo.

There were other gut-wrenching episodes, and some of the Dirty Jobs presented by Mike Rowe were viewers’ choices or ideas.

Rowe wrote in his Facebook page that Dirty Jobs was a hit not “because it was gross, or irreverent, or funny, or silly, or smart, or terribly clever” but more “because it was authentic” and appealed to a huge chunk of the American populace. It reached millions of regular folks who were feeling “invisible,” in much the same way Donald Trump garnered the votes that led to the White House. U.S. President Trump, Mike Rowe said, paid attention to an America that felt ignored.

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