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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Negan Brings Daryl To Alexandria

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Negan brings a familiar face in his sobering visit for the first time in Alexandria Safe-Zone after the horrifying premiere episode of The Walking Dead Season 7. Spoilers revealed this person is in “a really bad shape.”

Since Negan missed Rick, he pays a visit to the stunned Alexandrians earlier than expected. It appears a lot will be going on in this episode titled Service as running time is extended for 85 minutes. Hopefully that does not entail additional time for more killing from Negan.

In Episode 4, Negan and the Saviors go to the Safe-Zone for their first collection where they take over half of the Alexandrians’ supplies. Recent spoilers reveal that in this visit, Negan will bring Daryl with him.

As Rick submits to subservience for Negan, Daryl remains “a fighter” in some ways as Norman Reedus, the actor behind Daryl, shares. However, Greg Nicotero also says Daryl not in the best shape as what happened has taken a toll on him.

There is a lot of things and, above all, lives at stake for Rick as the leader. After the brutal stunt Negan pulled by proving to everyone his brutality through horrifyingly killing Abraham and Glenn that rocked the world of The Walking Dead Season 7 viewers, Rick was left with no choice but to accept that whatever form of rebellion from him equals to a life taken from his group.

Daryl will be in no better state as he blames himself for what happened to Glenn who suffered the brutal blow that ended his life for his defiance to Negan. That is also why he rebels by not killing himself Negan as “the last shred of himself that he has and his friends.” Even though his defiance means more torture, Daryl is doing it “for the love of his friend.”

To those who are wondering how the series will end, Robert Kirkman, TWD’s comic creator, announces that how the comics will end will remain as secret. No one, including those involved in the TV series, is and will be given any information on the comic’s ending.

The network AMC and TWD showrunner Scott Gimple have “no approval over what happens in the comic” which humbles him as it is a “testament to the trust AMC has” in him. Gimple, who is an avid reader of the comics, does not want any spoilers on how the story goes and even gets mad when Kirkman gives him any indication of what will happen.

Thus, only Kirkman knows the ending to the comics which are “to a certain extent” still “a workshop of future seasons of the show.” He also adds that it is “fun to think” of his capability to “torpedo the story if I wanted to.”

Tune in on AMC for new episodes of The Walking Dead Season 7.

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