‘Arrival’ Star Amy Adams Dances Her Way to Stardom; Shares Stay-in-Shape Strategies

Amy Adams, Arrival, Justice League
`Arrival’ actress Amy Adams, shown in photo during a film festival, has glided her way to stardom. In an interview, she shared some stay-in-shape strategies.

Whether she is working out or burning up the big screen, American actress Amy Adams, 42, can be quite committed.

The Man of Steel actress recently revealed her stay-in-shape workout secret.  Her well-toned upper arms and overall great physique are the outcome of an exercise regimen she continuously adheres to. She said it is “probably the most important thing” she does for herself year round. She makes it a point to work out once a week to maintain muscle mass, engaging in strength training using light weights.

A former ballet dancer who shifted focus to musical theater, Amy shared that nowadays, she has opted for a `gentler approach’ to working out. When not lifting weights, she runs or walks briskly.

A total fitness plan requires not just exercise but proper nutrition and adequate sleep. The Justice League actress. Amy happens to be an insomniac. She said during an interview that one of her tried-and-tested techniques to get some sleep is to recall something in vivid detail.  Transporting oneself back to a moment in time and thinking happy thoughts can be both insomnia- and stress busters.

Like her character Giselle in the 2007 animated film Enchanted, Amy embodies the spunky and optimistic persona that may have gotten her far in the highly competitive film industry. With movies like The Fighter, American Hustle, Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and soon Justice League tucked in her acting portfolio, the actress has proven her acting mettle and audience appeal.

Amy recently received favorable feedback for her performance in Arrival. Her character’s skills in translation are put to good use in deciphering the intentions of extra-terrestrials. The movie held its own amidst the Marvel blockbuster Doctor Strange and Trolls during opening week.

Amy’s science fiction starrer generated mixed reviews, yet the positive comments seemed to surpass the unfavorable reactions. As one online visitor tweeted, the movie offers “tons of wisdom and is well-made.” Others noted the fine directorial job, giving special mention to Canadian film director Denis Villenueve.

Arrival co-star Jeremy Renner recently posted a snap of himself beside Amy Adams entertaining queries during a forum, and was greeted by a deluge of comments that expressed how they loved Arrival and were happy with the “great reviews.”

Referring to the takeaway message of the film, Amy cited how miscommunication can happen in real life, and can produce disastrous effects, but these can be mitigated. Having a child, she added, can help an individual understand how communication works. Amy Adams has a six-year-old daughter with artist Darren Le Gallo.

Photo Source: Sachyn Mital/Wikimedia Commons

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