Black Mob Violence in America: White Man Beaten For Voting For Donald Trump Not True

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An incident of a Black Mob violence in America that allegedly stemmed from politics with a white man being beaten for voting for President-elect Donald Trump is caught on video and is being proliferated on social media. However, further investigation revealed the cause is not politics-related.

There is some truth to the reports of the incident but various news publications and claims on social media are exaggerating the truth to add flame to the controversial U.S. Election 2016.

The video in question shows a white man being beaten by five younger African-Americans. People in the background can be heard shouting and accusing him for voting for the Republican presidential candidate, now President-elect, Trump.

The altercation that occurred is true. Chicago police confirmed they received a battery call on Nov. 9 from the 49-year-old victim named David Wilcox. However, the cause of the fight is not politics-related and the youngsters did not beat him for voting for Trump.

Wilcox said he did vote for Trump but there is no way for the bystanders to know that information. What really started the beating is a car accident, while it is true that bystanders taunted the juveniles to beat “one of them white boy Trump guys,” as heard from a passersby.

According to Wilcox, the alleged “Black Mob violence in America” happened as he was driving his Pontiac Bonneville when a black sedan pulled up and scraped the right side of his car as he was about to turn left to Roosevelt Road after coming from Kedzie Avenue at around 1 in the afternoon.

The police had said that they are aware of the existence of the video and it is sent to their Area North detectives for further investigation of the five unindentified suspects, three males and two females. One of them drove away with Wilcox’s vehicle. Meanwhile, Wilcox was brought to the hospital in good condition.

Because of the racial undertones of the video, exaggerations of the traffic-related altercation sprung to life to capitalize on the tense results of the election. In fact, protests continue to stretch to its fifth day as anti-Trump protesters question the election results and show their aversion towards Donald Trump and his policies.

With that, the “Black Mob violence in America” incident is used to add fuel to the fire to the opposing sides with exaggerated claims.

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