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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Nov. 14 Spoilers: Quinn Gets Jealous; Steffy Softens Up To Quinn

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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 14 reveal both a win and a loss to Quinn. Will Quinn revert back to her old and evil ways because of jealousy?

Ridge’s plan to sabotage the Forrester Creations’ fashion show in order to humiliate Quinn failed. After Steffy refused to wear the “showstopper,” Quinn panicked on what a failure the fashion show would be. However, she showed her commitment for the company by deciding to wear the dress instead while adding an inspiring speech backstage that she is “humbled and honored to represent Forrester Creations.”

Steffy admits to Wyatt that what Quinn did for the company “really saved” them as per The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 14. Is she softening to the woman who she loathes the most?

It might be too early to say but it appears there is progress in the relationship of the two.

However, Quinn might not stay as the changed woman she has claimed to be for long. Eric is spending time with Katie, a beautiful and available woman, in the mansion and this might not sit well with Quinn.

Eric, on the other hand, says nothing but praises about Quinn to Katie. He brags about the successful fashion show and says he wants everyone in the family to respect Quinn even though they do not love her.

In another set of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 14, Zende is doing everything to win Nicole back – that includes making Sasha “steer clear of Nicole for a while.” Nicole admits whenever she sees the two, she pictures out the two of them together.

Now that Nicole backed out of the surrogacy, Zende regrets the things he did. What he knows for sure is that he wants to mend their relationship and he will do anything for them to get back together.

Will Nicole get past Zende’s actions to save their relationship?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers air from Monday to Friday on CBS.

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