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‘Days of Our Lives’ Nov. 14-18 Spoilers: Abigail Appears to Jennifer, Theresa’s Departure, Hope Goes to Prison

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Surprise appearances, prison sentences and character exits are in store for fans of Days of Our Lives. Huge spoilers for this week’s episodes tease Abigail appearing to a very shocked Jennifer, while Theresa continues to cut her ties with Brady.

It was only a matter of time before someone discovers that Abigail is alive and is lurking around Salem. Huge Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week hint that Abigail will come forward to her mother Jennifer. Everyone knows that she faked her death, but of course Chad and Jennifer ended up going through a rough time with their grief.

Before that, Andre is the one who first discovers that Abby is back and the two of them may likely end up talking. Should they talk to each other, Andre might convince her to leave Salem. Of course, Andre will also realize that Chad will never forgive him if he finds out that Abigail faked her death.

But Abigail will choose to think about everything before making any move, so this means having to turn to Jennifer. When Abby appears to Jennifer, her mother will collapse in shock. Once Jennifer recovers, Abby will have a lot of explaining to do.

Abigail will tell Jennifer what happened to her since she had disappeared, hiding herself away in shame after everything that has happened. Abby will want to go back to her old life, but that might not work out.

As for Theresa? Her plan to make a clean break continues. Previous Days of Our Lives spoilers stated that in an effort to let Brady go, she plants drugs in her room, intentionally getting Brady to catch her. When that did not work, she ended up overdosing on whatever she took but she ended up recovering.

So what will happen now?

Theresa will stage a very racy scene in the hopes that Brady will catch her in the act. Theresa hopes that Brady will see that she has moved on, and one more confrontation will lead to her exit.

Meanwhile, Hope is prepared to don an orange jumpsuit. During her murder trial, the judge will sentence her to prison and a tearful goodbye to her loved ones is ahead. Ciara and Shawn will try to be there for each other while their mother is away.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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