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‘General Hospital’ Nov. 14 Spoilers: Sonny Brandishes Gun on Morgan’s Funeral; Progress on Jason’s Investigation

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The chaotic and tangled lives of Port Charles’ citizens continue to give tension to start this week, according to General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 14. As friends and family gathered for Morgan’s funeral, shocking events will unfold and leave everyone shook.

Many have seen it coming; however it is still stunning to witness how deep in the dark has Sonny’s state crawled into. Nobody expected him to pull out his gun in front of everybody as he is taking blame for his son’s death. He also says it is his way of keeping his family safe.

Thankfully, Jason is quick to jump in on the scene just in time for Sonny not to harm himself or any innocent mourner. Jason tells his friend that there is progress on the case. He also stops Sonny from saying anything that could incriminate himself especially now that Curtis is also investigating his case. Additionally, General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 14 also suggest Jordan might be poised to cuff him in any opportunity she can.

Another person mourns for Morgan away from the funeral. As per Kiki’s request, Ava did not attend Morgan’s funeral as her appearance might just upset the Corinthos clan. While she mourns, she confides to Sonny about her guilt because of her liability with Morgan’s death and her fears that Sonny and Carly will soon figure out what she did.

In Spoon Island, Kevin gets a surprise as he visits the Wyndemere castle when it is Valentin who opens the door in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 14. Of course, Kevin and Laura are against Valentin’s invasion. However, as the rightful owner of the estate as backed by Mikkos Cassadine’s will, Valentin has every right to do so and he is on the move to claim his possession as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Nina receives a call where she tells the caller that she got everything under control. It is worth-noting that Charlotte is passed around again as Nina is now tasked to babysit the girl.

General Hospital airs Monday to Friday on ABC.

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