Kate Middleton, Prince William Living Separate Lives: Marriage Problems to be Portrayed in ‘The Crown’

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Kate Middleton and Prince William Marriage Problems to be Portrayed in ‘The Crown;’ Couple’s Friends Worried [Rumor]

Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign as a queen is being documented and shown in the drama, The Crown. According to recent reports, Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William are so worried that the presumed problems in their life and marriage may be portrayed on the show. It was also said that the drama will have plenty to touch on the royal couple’s married life.

The show might give the public another reason to believe that there is something wrong in their marriage. The news said that, it will also show the royal duties and responsibilities of the Duke and the Duchess as well as the difficult relationship they have with Queen Elizabeth. So far, the producers of the show have not yet assured audiences if there is a specific plot revolving around Kate Middleton and Prince William.

It was also said that the royal couple did not want people to know more details about their married life than they normally should, especially since they are experiencing tough times right now. What’s more is that, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to be nervous that the television show might give the media to more material to intrude on their private life.

However, Gossip Cop said that the royal couple are not worried about the portrayal of their relationship in the upcoming series, The Crown. The website added that none of the allegations about the royal couple’s marriage were true. In fact, the couple has a wonderful relationship.

Recently, news over social media is saying that the Prince’s friends are worried about him. Once, in a surprising turn of events, the Royal Couple was absent during a wedding held in Somerset. This was for  one of the Prince’s closest friends, Oliver Hicks, marrying Rose Kingscote. It is unusual since most of the Prince’s other friends attended the wedding.

This wedding was not the first wedding that the royal couple have missed. In the last few years, the Prince was reported to have attended at least five weddings all by himself. This is different from usual, as Kate Middleton and Prince William used to attend weddings together, before they had their own back in 2011.

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