Nuclear War with Russia Possible Scenario with Donald Trump’s Temper

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Nuclear War with Russia Possible Scenario with Donald Trump’s Temper [Rumor]

The possibility of a nuclear war with Russia could start anytime soon if the newly-elected U.S. President, Donald Trump, will not keep his cool. It was also said that Trump must avoid letting his short temper make its way into global affairs. Because of this news, some people feared that the U.S. may face a nuclear war with Russia, something that might cause “global destruction.”

President Barack Obama repeatedly stated he would not trust Donald Trump with the nuclear launch codes of the nuclear missiles, given Trump’s temperament. He added that emotions could cloud Trump’s judgment when making decisions that would annihilate millions of lives. The worse-case scenario would be the relationships turning more confrontational; Moscow might misread a situation over Trump’s administration.

Moreover, one of the shortcomings of President Obama’s administration is managing its relationship with Russia resulting to several war threats and misunderstandings in the past years. President-elect Donald Trump’s biggest test will be forming a good relationship with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in order to deal with the threat of nuclear war with Russia.

Indeed, the United States of America has not declared war since 1942. Apparently, China or North Korea could hit the United States with nuclear weapons, but the nuclear conflict with Russia is the greatest danger to the U.S., given the current nuclear strategies of the country.

The question of war and peace has been one of the major issues on the news and social media ever since Donald Trump was elected as the next President of the United States. The U.S. president’s power to execute war is quite extensive. Most importantly, he can take military actions without specific authorization from the Congress. Whether people like it or not, President Donald Trump will have a large say over the question of peace or a nuclear war with Russia.

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