Taylor Swift ‘Manipulates’ Drake into Giving Her Attention and Gifts

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Taylor Swift ‘Manipulates’ Drake into Giving Her Attention and Gifts [Rumor]

Taylor Swift has been known to have had relationships over the years. She had recently broken up with some big name stars including Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. Now, latest news tells us that she has been using rapper Drake to get over her past relationships.

The country singer and the famous rapper’s romance have not yet been confirmed. However, there had been reports hinting that Taylor Swift has been “manipulating” Drake, just like in her past relationships. Even now, news tells us that the rapper is set to please the Bad Blood singer, to the point of showering even her cats — Meredith and Olivia — expensive gifts.

While many find it hard to believe that the rapper and Swift are starting a romance, some see the telltale signs that occur when a romance for the female singer starts. As reports say, somehow she has been able to convince the men in her past into thinking that they are fully, desperately in love with her. Sometime later she will “pull the plug” on the relationship; some even suggest that this is what fuels most of her songs about love and romance.

So far this is what have happened to her recent stint with Tom Hiddleston. It is also what happened with musician Calvin Harris, her longest relationship so far.

Meanwhile, many fans are baffled as to why Drake would break up with his girlfriend Rihanna to pursue Swift. It was understandable when personalities like Hiddleston and Harris do it, as the boost in popularity of being linked to Swift may be a good reason to stick with her.

However, Drake does not need this popularity boost, as he is undoubtedly one of the most popular rappers today. This led many fans to believe that the rapper and Taylor Swift could be the “oddest pairing” that fans would see.

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