Tom Hiddleston Is Moving On from Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift
Tom Hiddleston, shown in photo during a Hollywood red-carpet event, got mnay people mystified not only by his looks and dating life, but by his work ethic and commitment to humanitarian projects.

Tom Hiddleston may just prove to be one of Hollywood’s most watched actors in 2016, both in the professional and personal spheres.

The English actor has remained the talk of the town way after his controversial split with megawatt country-pop singing superstar Taylor Swift.

Career-wise, he is also hot commodity. Tom is noted for getting into a role with ample preparation. Even characters far away from him, or are quite distant from his own life experiences, do not deter him from giving his all. Hollywood insiders have been impressed by his work ethic.

It is hard to imagine that the Hollywood actor, who snagged the role of Loki in the big Marvel franchise yet continued to play numerous television characters that now includes The Night Manager, used to be  intermittently quiet and playful. In real life and in his movie career, as he himself said, “You just kind of move on.”

Moving on is just what Tom Hiddleston may be doing after his short-lived relationship with Taylor. For a while, the public was stunned that he was engaging in public displays of affection with the Bad Blood singer.

In early July, when Cara Delevingne wrote on her Instagram, “Pretty cool runnings” next to a photograph of  herself with Gigi Hadid and Taylor with arms wrapped around a shirtless Tom as they glided down a massive waterslide, fans went wild. Hiddleswift mania continued months after they were spotted kissing while on the rocks in Rhode Island.

Before Taylor, romance rumors with other Hollywood celebrities also swirled.  Tom’s charming, affectionate ways and sexy manner may be what gets him entangled with female celebrities. Recently, he was rumored to be flirting with Priyanka Chopra. Tom also happened to be on excellent terms as well with other Hollywood A-list actors, particularly his Avengers: Infinity War co-stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Hemsworth.

Even when cultivating bromance with his best pals in Hollywood, Tom Hiddleston has been preoccupied lending support to several humanitarian activities.  He is known for being a staunch UNICEF suppoter. A couple of years back, he has earnestly supported other celebrities engaging in activities aimed at making  a difference in the world. A case in point was when he tweeted  her admiration for Emma Watson, for her  unwavering involvement in the UN Women’s Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality. All these, and not just his big film projects,  have placed the Thor: Ragnarok actor in the limelight during the first 11 months of the year.

Photo Source:  Sachyn Mital/Wikimedia Commons

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