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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Glenn, Abraham Mentioned in Heartbreaking Scene; Rick, Negan Face Off

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For the first time after the brutal loss viewers had suffered in the premiere episode of The Walking Dead Season 7, spoilers reveal we will be brought back to Alexandria to face the remaining survivors of Rick’s group and see how each of them handles the devastating events that unfolded.

Titled Service, Episode 4 of The Walking Dead Season 7 is rightfully extended for 85 minutes, meaning an additional 25 minutes from their usual 60-minute episode, as we explore how most, if not all, of the characters are handling the events that unfolded. The horrifying deaths that marked Negan taking over the group’s authority are accepted differently by the characters.

Rick, as the leader, has a lot at stake on his hands. Thus, he submitted subservience to the Saviors making them just like Hilltop who they were first trying to free. However, spoilers suggest his decision for submissiveness will not sit well with everyone on the group.

As they deal in different ways with their loss, someone will blame Rick while another will disobey him. From the promo trailer, Michonne is seen on a lookout point holding a rifle. Is she hiding anything from Rick?

Additionally, the group will be shaken up more as Negan and the Saviors will visit the Safe-Zone earlier than expected. Tagging along is a face every Alexandrian is familiar with as Daryl is brought by Negan for their first collection. Viewers will only get to see him though as Daryl will not be heard from this episode.

According to spoilers for Episode 4, Glenn and Abraham will be mentioned as well. Without a doubt, it will be a heartbreaking scene as they are both beloved characters both on and off screen. This drives Episode 4 to be more poignant, rich and intense.

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