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‘Real Housewives of OC’ Season 11 Spoilers: This Fight Almost Made Heather Dubrow Quit

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Spoilers of the second part of Real Housewives of OC Season 11 reunion reveal the fight that made Heather Dubrow almost quit the reality show. Apparently, there is more to the argument than what was aired.

Fights are not new for the Housewives. At one point, their arguments reached Twitter that worsened until the production staff decided to intervene. The Housewives were then banned from using the social media platform for a while.

One fight that made Heather Dubrow blurt out words that she is “done” is the infamous sushi party. She was heard saying that what happened in the restaurant is “disgusting” and she will absolutely “not be a part of this.”

During the Real Housewives of OC Season 11 reunion, spoilers show Heather explains her side. The restaurant bears unpleasant memories for her as it is the same place where she last saw her brother-in-law alive. The argument, with Kelly Dodd using profane language, felt too much for her and she uttered those words as a “visceral reaction.”

Before Heather successfully explained, Kelly Dodd kept on interrupting her until the host Andy Cohen told her to let Heather talk. As promised by Heather, the reunion is going to be “pretty brutal” and there is indeed more drama that happens in the get-together.

What is Kelly’s response after Heather’s explanation? She defends her actions and words by saying that she is not the only one who always uses profane language. She transfers the spotlight to Tamra Judge and says that they have never been around Tamra “that cusses all the time.”

This behavior might have made mom-to-be Meghan King Edmonds decide not to raise her child in California. Spoilers reveal Meghan saying some of the women are “really going too far” and she has seen a lot that she did not like this year.

With that, she decides to give birth and raise her child in St. Louis with her husband Jim in order to steer her child away from the toxic environment. She adds she does now want her child “to be around that” if it is the kind of example her child will see.

There is more to the drama of Real Housewives of OC Season 11 in the three-part reunion that airs Monday from Nov. 7, Nov. 14 and Nov. 21.

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