Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Divorce: Jealousy Breaking Marriage Apart

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, marriage on the rocks
Blake Lively is shown in photo during a film festival. She and husband Ryan Reynolds have been rumored to be having marriage-related problems sparked by her jealousy.

It is not just her second baby’s gender that Blake Lively had hoped to keep under wraps — which husband Ryan Reynolds accidentally revealed a few weeks ago. The actress and her husband have been tight-lipped about the swirling rumor of their marriage on the rocks.

Desperation reared its ugly head again in the form of fabricated news that The Shallows actress has been trying to conceal her and Reynolds’ marital problems from the prying public. The news report went on to deduce that Blake has been projecting an image of a perfect marital relationship with the Deadpool actor.

Another media entity debunked the said news after reportedly obtaining information from a reliable source for the A-list couple. Blake and Ryan have just welcomed baby number two and they have also just celebrated the actor’s 40th birthday through a simple yet nice dinner at his favorite restaurant.
Gossipmongers may keep spreading false news and plots to bring disaster, but there is nothing they can do about the Blake Lively-Ryan Reynolds union, which is said to be going strong. One little thing Blake had been mildly upset about Ryan was his accidental revelation of their younger baby’s gender. Other than that, all is well between the two celebrity parents. The marriage on the rocks story is untrue.
Blake is known to be very secretive about her private life. She and Ryan have opted not to stoop down to the recent report that twisted and blew her “being concerned with how people perceive her” out of proportion. Ryan, for his part, has become known to fans and his colleagues in the entertainment business for his hilarious tweets. Some of them show his fondness for his kids. He once tweeted that when he put the baby down on the crib, “she scrunched her nose so cute, giggled, then turned into thousands of bats.”
Such news about Hollywood A-list couples being on the brink of separation because of jealousy is nothing new. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, who have patched things up and continue to raise their kids together, have also been mercilessly subjected to tabloid attacks.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, for their part, may be just dismissing all the media chatter about their `marriage on the rocks’  as silly or absurd.  Lively’s under-the-radar ways may be fueling all the speculations.With a drama-thriller film slated for release in US theaters in the third quarter of 2017, it may not come as a surprise if she is forced to set the records straight about her private life by that time.

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