Black Friday 2016 Microsoft Store: Xbox One on Sale at Its Lowest Price Ever

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Black Friday 2016 is upon everyone, getting armed with a lot of cash to shop until they drop. Brands everywhere are now starting to release their deals for Black Friday and the Microsoft Store is one of them.

What is perhaps the biggest deal in the Microsoft store for Black Friday 2016 is that they will be putting up the Xbox One for sale at the lowest price it has ever been.

A few days before Black Friday 2016, customers who shop at the Microsoft store will get a $50 discount when they purchase any of the new 1TB Xbox One or the Xbox S Bundles. The prices of the newer Xbox Ones will start from $299.99.

On Black Friday 2016 itself and onwards, customers will be able to get a $50 discount when they purchase any of the new 1TB Xbox Ones and also the Xbox S Bundles that start at $249.99 a set.

For shoppers who want to buy some games to go with their consoles, Microsoft is offering a $25 discount on the “Gears of War 4” as well as the whole “Gears Xbox 360 Collection.” “ReCore” will be on sale with a $10 discount while customers who want to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold for three months or six months will get a $10 discount off their subscription.

For those who want to buy a Surface or those who want to get a Surface upgrade, Microsoft also has a deal for that. On Black Friday onwards as well, customers that are looking to upgrade their Surface will be able to save up to $430 on certain devices and bundles. Included in the sale are the Surface Book i5 and the Surface Pro 4.

Not looking to buy a gaming console or device?

Microsoft also has deals for PCs and accessories as well. Shoppers can get their hands on a new keyboard or mouse for a discounted price.

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