Donald Trump Labeled As Next Adolf Hitler; New York Times 1922 Article Brought Up

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New York Times Hitler 1922 Article Hints Some Similarities to Donald Trump Leadership

An article about Adolf Hitler was published by New York Times in November 1922. The content of this article was about Hitler using his anti-Semitic propaganda as bait to catch masses of followers. This article was re-released on the Feb. 10, 2015 for it was the very first article that they printed about Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 and became a German politician. He was the leader of the Nazi Party.

Hitler was known for his radical leadership and was one of the most powerful and infamous dictators of the 20th century. He initiated World War II, as well as the genocide performed against Jewish people known as the Holocaust. It resulted in millions of deaths. In the end, Hitler committed suicide with wife, Eva Braun, in 1945.

According to the 1922 article of New York Times, reliable sources said that Hitler’s anti-Semitic idea was not violent, for he was just using the propaganda to get the people to follow him. They added that Hitler fed the people with those ideas because they would not understand his real objective. It would also be politically wrong to tell them the truth as to where he was really leading them.

Several news outlets immediately covered the re-release of the article after it was posted. In addition to this, many suggested and implied that the description of the article has several similarities to the political movement of the newly-elected U.S. President, Donald Trump.

“For you idiots who think, ‘maybe Trump won’t be as bad as we think! let’s try to work with him,” I again present the New York Times in 1922,” Twitter user Zach said.

Some people were horrified and shocked with Trump’s victory. They responded negatively about it saying that Trump won because he used nationalism and anti-immigration plans, as well as, authoritarian plans for the people in the United States. These led many to worry that Trump’s words sounded familiar from the New York Times article in 1922 about Hitler.

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