‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy Returning

`Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 spoilers
Patrick Dempsey had a cameo appearance in `Grey’s Anatomy,’ stoking fans’ desire for his comeback.

Grey’s Anatomy fans had case of  déjà vu when the character played by Patrick Dempsey made an appearance in the show in the form of a vision that Ellen Pompeo’s character had. The long-running series’ Season 13 spoilers, though, will not see the return of the much-loved Dr. Derek Shepherd on the ABC television series.

A recent episode revealed Meredith reliving painful memories of her late husband who passed away in a tragic turn of event in a past episode. Dr. Meredith Grey was shown in that episode hallucinating and seeing Dr. Shepherd standing in the operating room clad in his scrubs.

It was a heart-rending  scene. The fleeting moment had fans airing their bittersweet sentiments on Twitter. As one fan tweeted, “Why bring Derek back for 5 seconds and crush my heart.”

Other fans expressed how they missed the onscreen couple played by Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. Many could not help but wish Patrick would return to the ABC drama series as McDreamy.

Ellen wrote on her Instagram account a reply to show creator Shonda Rhimes’ praises for the performance of the Grey’s Anatomy cast. “Happy Greys Day! We appreciate you and give it our all always,” she said.

Among the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 spoilers circulated, another one that may not be happening yet is the return of a one of the interesting characters during the first seasons, Cristina Yang played by Sandra Oh.

As for Bridget Jones’s Baby actor, Patrick Dempsey, his return to medical drama series in whatever form remains unconfirmed, to date. Television has often found ways to bring back a much-loved character from the dead, but that may not be happening again with Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy.

Patrick will be busy with film commitments that include Disenchanted, the sequel to the hit fantasy-musical movie Enchanted; The Postcard Killing; and a new TV series, lowering the chances for his possible return to Grey’s Anatomy.

After the recent cameo appearance of Patrick’s character in Grey’s Anatomy, other Season 13 spoilers that were floated around include the return of Leah Murphy played by Tessa Ferrer; and a possible “pregnancy scare” for the sister of Dr. Derek Shepherd — Dr. Amelia Shepherd, portrayed in the series by Caterina Scorsone.

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