Hillary Clinton Popular Vote Count Surpasses Donald Trump With Over 1 Million

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Hillary Clinton Popular Vote Count Passes Donald Trump With Over 1 Million Votes

Hillary Clinton surpasses Donald Trump with over 1 million votes in the popular vote count. Trump, meanwhile, has something to say to that.

As the election’s final vote counts trickle, the non-partisan Cook Political Report showed the number of the tallied votes so far. As of Tuesday afternoon, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton garnered 61,963,234 votes while her rival Republican’s Donald Trump got 60,961,185 votes. That marks the difference of the two candidates’ votes to over 1 million.

In the latest tally, what pushed Clinton’s lead to a million mark came from Montgomery County, Maryland.

Associated Press’ elections operations manager Tracy Lewis, meanwhile, said votes from California, Utah and Washington are still being tabulated.

President-elect Trump is not swayed by the numbers though. He wrote on Twitter that it would have been easy for him to win the popular vote count too “if the election were based on total popular vote.”

He also boasted that he would have “campaigned in N.Y., Florida and California” where he would have “won even bigger and more easily.”

Trump once criticized the Electoral College system and called it a “disaster for democracy” on Twitter after then-Republican Mitt Romney lost to Barrack Obama in the 2012 election. Ironically, four years later, he wrote on the same platform his apparent change of heart with the system.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that the electoral college that propelled him to the White House is “actually genius” as the system “brings all states, including the smaller ones, into play.”

“Campaigning is much different!” Trump exclaims.

The loss of Clinton came as a shock to many as the candidate was leading in polls and projections towards the election. Stunned Democrats then complained about the system as Trump won the Electoral College, which made him the 45th president of the United States.

Ultimately, Clinton’s win in the popular vote count and Trump’s win in the electoral college further proves how, borrowing Clinton’s words, the “nation is more divided than we thought.”

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