Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Divorce: Jennifer Spends Time With Ex Brad Pitt, Says Report

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, divorce rumor
The Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux divorce rumor persists but the couple and their fans have stopped paying attention to it because it is untrue.

The Jennifer Aniston-Justin Theroux divorce rumor does not seem to die down. Did Justin feel jealous and threatened Jen about spending time with her ex? Are the celebrity couple “at each other’s throats” and on the verge of a divorce?

Where there is smoke, there is fire, but in the case of the Jen-Justin rumors that have shown no signs of letting up, the couple’s closest friends, colleagues and even fans are, by now, merely shaking their heads in exasperation. Jen opened up in recent interviews that she has had it with rumor-mongers shaming her and questioning the decisions she has made in her life.

When the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce announcement came out, some publications lost no time in dragging her name into the picture. To date, some media entities have fabricated stories centering around  the impending breakup of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, while referencing Brad Pitt. The wild rumor has been debunked. The reality is that Jen and Justin happened to be “as stable as any couple in Hollywood.”

As the rumor swirled, Jen and Justin — who marked their first wedding anniversary a few months ago — were spotted taking their sweet time enjoying the sights of Berlin while holding hands, as part of a relaxing weekend.  The celebrity couple seemed as happy and affectionate as the day they got married, reports said.

Jen had earlier stated in an interview that Justin is the right person for her, and that she feels completely seen and adored by her husband. The Hollywood couple is also quite supportive of each other’s film careers.

All the news that he had been raging over Brad’s phone calls to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S alum were untrue. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had not validated the divorce rumor because they did not think it was worth their attention.  Many comments aimed at Jen as an individual or at her and Justin as a  couple were nonetheless hurtful, prompting Jen to come out with an essay.

Fans can be assured that Justin Theroux is not about to divorce his wife Jennifer Aniston. The rumor that they are having big fights and separating soon is just an intrigue to stir up drama. Such false separation news about the Hollywood A-list couple has also been experienced by Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who just happily welcomed their second child.

Photo Source: Andres Useche/Wikimedia Commons

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