Michael Buble Son Fighting Cancer: Singer Refuses to Perform Until His Son Recovers from Illness

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Michael Buble Son Fighting Cancer: Singer Refuses to Perform Until His Son Recovers from Illness

Canadian singer Michael Buble is undergoing some tough times right now. His son is currently fighting cancer, and he was quoted as saying that he will not sing again, at least not until 3-year-old Noah has beaten the illness.

Michael Buble has not made any major appearances, nor did he explicitly give interviews about the matter. However, his friend David Foster talked to some reporters, hoping to shed some light on the situation.

Foster said that the Canadian singer is “in a bubble” right now, isolating himself from most of the world, presumably to focus attention on his son and do whatever he can to help the battle. Foster also added that Buble does not intend to sing or perform at any more events, not until his son has overcome this challenge of fighting cancer.

Indeed, Buble has cancelled his upcoming tour upon discovering that his three-year-old child was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this month. He also cancelled any future events and appearances that might have been on his earlier schedule.

Foster added that situations like these tend to bring people in isolation — he even thinks that that Buble purposefully avoids social media. But still, he assured people that the singer still feels the love and support that millions of people bring him.

Meanwhile, Noah is undergoing chemotherapy in the United States. It helps that the child is in good shape, and it was reported that he has good doctors around him.

The outlook is very good, and it appears that the three-year-old kid fighting cancer is going to be winning the battle any time now. It was predicted that Noah has a 90 percent chance of recovering, which is happy news both for the father, and fans of the Canadian singer.

Michael Buble first got his break in 2009, when an aide to the Canadian Prime Minister saw his performance at a business party. His self-financed album got attention, and since then he has been dishing out popular renditions of classic songs like Dean Martin’s Sway and Frank Sinatra’s The Way You Look Tonight.

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