U.S. Election: 10 Fast Facts About Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon

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U.S. Election and Donald Trump: 10 Things About Steve Bannon - President-Elect's New Chief Strategist

As the U.S. Election came to a close and Donald Trump prepares his inauguration to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, he also chooses the people to appoint in various positions to work with him in his term.

A controversial personality has been added to the overall U.S. Election as Trump appoints Steve Bannon as his new chief strategist. This designation upsets many Democrats, civil rights activists, and even some Republicans.

Who is Bannon and why is he receiving the negative welcome? Here are 10 things about the former media executive you need to know:

1. Bannon is the former executive chairman of Breitbart News. It is a website that Bannon calls “the platform for the alt-right,” referring to the online movement by Americans to break the current political system and influxes in racism and anti-Semitism.

2. Breitbart News continues to litigate a campaign against a company who are employing qualified Iraqi and Afghan refugees.

3. He was an investment banker in Goldman Sachs and a Navy veteran.

4. Like Trump, Bannon is also a businessman. He is an early investor of the hit TV show Seinfeld.

5. He proclaims himself as a Leninist. Bannon says he shares the same goal with the Lenin, “to destroy the state.” He tells Daily Beast in 2014 that he wants to “bring everything crashing down” and “destroy all of today’s establishments.”

6. Mary Louise Piccard, Bannon’s ex-wife, accused him of domestic abuse but the charges were later dropped. Piccard says Bannon “doesn’t like Jews” while they were in court to file for divorce.

7. Some Republicans and conservatives did not stay mum about Steve Bannon’s appointment. Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich expressed his disappointment by writing on Twitter, “The rascist, fascist extreme right is represented footsteps from the Oval Office.”

8. The Democratic senator Jeff Merkley says Trump “invited a white nationalist into the highest reaches of the government.” This adds to claims of advocacy groups claiming Bannon promotes of racism and misogyny.

9. Bannon have worked closely with Trump during the U.S. Election as the chief executive of his presidential campaign.

10. Donald Trump appointed Steve Bannon as chief strategist which means he will be the one to aid Trump in executing his political game plan. Holding the high-ranking position, he will also be in command in regards to Trump’s communications whether to the public or internally in the government.

Now that the U.S. Election is over, what is left to face is a transition as some major changes come our way when Donald Trump assumes the president’s position.

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