Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Divorce: Actress Showers Kids With Presents to Win Their Favor, Says Report

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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Divorce: Actress Showers Kids With Presents to Win Their Favor [Rumor]

Angelina Jolie has been showering gifts to her kids after filing for divorce from Brad Pitt. Reports said that Jolie is giving what her six children wanted to buy. The news added that she is willing to do anything and everything to cheer them up, pertaining to her kids.

Rumors say that Angelina Jolie’s first strategy was to show her kids much love and affection, even letting them stay up late in her bed. Now, she added giving presents. These are all because Jolie did not want her children to feel unloved. An alleged source said that anything the kids want, they can get.

However, Gossip Cop revealed that none of this news is true. Angelina Jolie is not giving her kids anything they want to get, in spite of her ongoing custody battle with Brad Pitt. It was exclusively checked with a source close to Jolie that the entire story is false and that “it’s all a lie.”

Additionally, their source told them that Jolie is smart enough not to buy her children’s love during her custody battle with Brad Pitt. The actress has always wanted her kids to be happy and contented with what they have and she will not resort to giving gifts.

Other issues about the Hollywood ex-couple’s divorce are continuously spreading. One was Jolie was having second thoughts about her divorce with Pitt. Another was the actress planning to hook up with actor Johnny Depp after her divorce. A few days ago, news said Jolie and Pitt’s kids did not want to live with any of their parents but with their uncle James Haven.

Meanwhile, Billy Bob Thornton mentioned in an interview that his ex Angelina Jolie seems to be okay amidst her divorce. The actor added that when he was still with Jolie, he always felt less worthy when he was with her. Even if their relationship ended in June 2002, their communication did not stop there and that they still talk every now and then.

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