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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Deimos Kidnaps Philip, Demands Answers, Chad Warns JJ

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The baby drama is escalating quickly as things take a strange turn. Major Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Deimos will force Philip to give him some answers while Chad gives JJ a warning.

As everyone might have seen, Deimos and even Nicole are being kept in the dark from what really is going on with Chloe. What Nicole told Deimos was only half true, as it turns out that Deimos is not the father of the child, but neither is Philip. New Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Deimos is getting impatient and wants Philip to tell him exactly what is going on.

Philip has known what is really going on. He is the one whom Chloe confides in and whom Chloe also revealed that she is actually the surrogate mother for Nicole and Daniel.

Philip did wonder why Chloe chose to keep this a secret and he discovered that it was because of Deimos. Chloe thinks that Deimos is a threat and while Philip does not know why Chloe continues to keep this secret from Nicole, he will go along with keeping it anyway.

Despite his doubts on whether or not what he is doing is right, Philip maintains that the secret is safe to Chloe via phone call. Unfortunately for Philip, Deimos overhears everything and tries to get Philip to give him some answers. Deimos has no problem playing good cop bad cop so when Philip does not cooperate when he is being nice, he goes the bad cop route and ties Philip up, drugging him as well.

While that is going on, new Days of Our Lives spoilers also tease that Chad will tell JJ to leave Gabi alone.

JJ previously turned to Chad for some advice on how to win Gabi back after confessing his infidelity. However, Chad insists that JJ hurt Gabi a lot and tells him to back off. JJ starts to think that Chad is doing this just so he can make his move on her, which is partly true since Chad and Gabi are starting to have feelings for each other.

This results in JJ turning to Rafe for help on how to win Gabi back as well. Abigail’s return to Salem will also drive a wedge between a possible Chad-Gabi romance as Chad and Abigail need to sort out some issues. Gabi will eventually go back to JJ, but earning her trust is not going to be easy.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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