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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Mario, Jim Face Off, Barbara Gives Ed Information

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Gotham city is going on a downward spiral, laying the groundwork for the caped crusader in the future. New Gotham Season 3 spoilers for Episode 11 hint that Mario and Jim will engage in a face off while Barbara gives Ed some useful information.

It is known that Mario has never really thought the best of Jim, and understandably so given the situations Lee gets herself into because of Jim. When Jervis forced Jim to choose who to kill between Lee and Valerie, Jim really meant for Jervis to kill Lee, despite what they think is the reason why. During Mario and Lee’s engagement party, Mario wanted to make it clear that Jim should never put Lee in danger and if Jim should ever try anything on Lee, he will not hesitate to do something himself.

Now, Gotham Season 3 Episode 11 spoilers tease that Mario and Jim will face off before the wedding. The title of the episode is called Beware the Green-Eyed Monster, which could only mean that one of the main topics of this episode would involve jealousy. Jim and Lee have maintained that they are friends, so perhaps their closeness is what is making Mario jealous and wary of the future commissioner.

While Mario and Jim decide to take matters into their own hands concerning Lee, Ed is about to learn some information about the murder of his girlfriend Isabella. Gotham Season 3 Episode 11 spoilers hint that Barbara will tell Ed a little something about what happened to Isabella. Previously, in an effort to avenge his girlfriend, Ed ended up investigating the crime scene where he discovered that what Isabella’s death was no accident.

Ed previously told Oswald that he suspects Butch to be the killer, however some would say that Ed knew the truth all along. It is possible that he found out that Oswald was responsible for the murder while he was out and is trying to see how Oswald would react to this news. It is also possible that Ed trusts Oswald more than anything, but that trust is bound to be broken.

Could Barbara have found out that Penguin was behind Isabella’s murder? Barbara is looking out for Tabitha after all, and Tabitha is probably with Butch and both of them are hiding from Oswald after the Red Hood incident. It is also possible that Barbara is helping Oswald hide the secret and is trying to derail Ed from the truth. Fans know that Barbara can be quite unpredictable, so anything can happen.

Gotham Season 3 airs Mondays on Fox.

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