Kate Middleton Asked Queen Elizabeth to Ban Meghan Markle From Royal Christmas Dinner: Report

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Kate Middleton asked Queen Elizabeth to Ban Meghan Markle from Royal Christmas Dinner? [Rumor]

The Royal Family is about to hold the Annual Royal Christmas Party in December 2016. Some alleged sources from the palace stated the Kate Middleton requested Queen Elizabeth to forbid Meghan Markle from attending the royal party. They added that the Duchess did not have a hard time persuading the Queen about this matter.

According to the news, Meghan Markle will not celebrate the upcoming holidays with Prince Harry because of her grandmother. It was said that Queen Elizabeth does not want the Suits actress to be part of any royal holiday events

The sources added the possibility that Markle may be using the Prince and the royal family to help her career as an actress. It happened before with one of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, who allegedly used her relationship with the Prince to stardom.

In recent news, Queen Elizabeth was reported furious when she discovered Prince Harry’s romance with Markle. The last thing the Queen wanted is to see any Hollywood stars near the royalties.

This instance brought a lot of rumors and non-stop paparazzi photos all over the news and social media. Her Majesty has been protecting the monarchy, that is why she was said to be disapproving of Prince Harry’s current girlfriend.

Apart from this, Kate Middleton is said to be threatened by Markle’s beauty. Reports said that the actress already stole the attention of the media that caused the Duchess to envy her. Kate Middleton has not answered any of this.

Contrary to what was reported, Prince Harry is not willing to give up his romantic relationship with the actress even if it was the Queen’s wish. This was supported by what Kensington Palace revealed about the said relationship. The letter was issued to protect Markle as well as her family from harassment and scrutiny from the media.

Just this week, it was reported that even if Meghan Markle is not going to attend the Annual Royal Christmas Party, the Prince will make a way to be with her on the holidays, one way or another.

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