‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Spoilers Leaked: Finn’s Mission, Snoke’s Possible Connections to Darth Plagueis, Kylo Ren

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The Star Wars universe has opened up a lot of theories regarding some characters and their origins. Some leaked spoilers for Star Wars: Episode 8 hint what Finn’s mission is and Supreme Leader Snoke’s possible connections to Darth Plagueis and even Kylo Ren.

At the end of The Force Awakens, Finn is seen asleep and recovering from his injuries from the battle at Star Killer Base. By Star Wars: Episode 8, leaked spoilers tease that after Han’s funeral, Leia will send Finn on a mission to gather information on who could have possibly attacked her during the funeral. Leia fortunately defends herself using the Force (it runs in the family, after all), and is set on finding out who is making an attempt to kill her.

This takes Finn, as leaked spoilers for Star Wars: Episode 8 might hint, to a walled place where a big chase is involved and he is riding a strange hybrid between an alien and a horse. Finn will likely be accompanied by another member of the Resistance and Poe, where the three of them will be going undercover at a formal event.

This is supposedly where they will be able to gather the information they need and make a break for it as they will be discovered. There is also a chance that this mission will involve Finn seeking out a mole within the Resistance and fishing them out.

In the meantime, what could possibly be revealed in Star Wars: Episode 8 and even in Episode 9 would be of Supreme Leader Snoke’s identity.

In the audiobooks, there is a concept of essence transfer. It was something that Darth Sidious/Palpatine ended up doing after failing to master Darth Plagueis’ teachings of life extension. The concept of essence transfer involves placing the consciousness of one person to another person’s (preferably younger) body, assimilating the other person’s body completely.

In The Force Awakens, Snoke is seen as a weak and wounded old man. And it is possible that he has been around for hundreds of years. However, a theory suggests that the body that Snoke has, might not be his first body.

The theory also suggests that perhaps Snoke’s consciousness was in Darth Plagueis’ body. Snoke has been around since the creation of the Galactic Empire after all, so it could be possible. Could Darth Plagueis have been Snoke all along?

The theory of Snoke being Darth Plagueis was shut down before, so this leaves the theory of Snoke’s consciousness being placed in Darth Plagueis’ body. But most importantly, what does this have to do with Kylo Ren?

It is possible that in Star Wars: Episode 8, one of Snoke’s big plans is to transfer his consciousness to Kylo Ren in order to extend his life. This plan, should Kylo Ren find out about it, might become the way for Kylo Ren to come back to the light.

But after all has been said and done, we can only confirm whether or not these theories are true when Star Wars: Episode 8 premieres on Dec. 15, 2017.

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