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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Spoilers: Cameron Monaghan’s Photo Hints Jerome’s Future

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Easily one of the best characters on Fox’s Gotham, fans have long-awaited Jerome’s return to the mad city. Raising excitement (and perhaps confirming what fans have been suspecting for a long time), Cameron Monaghan shared and deleted a certain photo hinting Jerome’s future.

The hype all started when Cameron Monaghan shared a certain photo on Instagram that he quickly deleted afterwards. The photo showed the corner of his mouth that seemed to be scarred, perhaps extending his smile a little bit more. Naturally, this photo spread like wildfire to Gotham fans everywhere, and hinting that when Jerome comes back in the scene, he may be looking a little different.

This was not the first time Cameron Monaghan teased everyone who Jerome will be becoming in the future, however. He shared a sound clip of the Joker’s laugh on his Instagram, making everyone look forward to seeing him again.

Jerome Valeska’s Future

From the very first time Cameron Monaghan’s character was teased in Season 1 of Gotham, everyone instantly had an idea of who his character will be in the future. Suspicions were raised in his introductory episode, “The Blind Fortune Teller,” most especially in the interrogation scene with Jim Gordon. He had the laugh, craziness and the evil smile that clearly represented the most famous Batman villain in history, the Joker.

Come Season 2, Jerome appeared again in the first few episodes, wreaking havoc along with other Arkham inmates known as The Maniax. This was where Jerome showed everyone that he is slowly becoming more and more Joker-like than ever. That is, until his untimely passing at the hands of Theo Galavan.

Although as Season 2 progressed, it teased everyone of Jerome’s return. When Dr. Hugo Strange started to experiment on dead bodies and bringing them back to life, one of the bodies in the tanks was supposedly of Jerome’s. Gotham teased his return some more during the Season 2 finale, when the busload of Indian Hill experiments were released into the city, and a familiar laugh could be heard towards the end.

The EP of Gotham, John Stephens, has already confirmed that Cameron Monaghan will be returning as Jerome. However, they also explained that they are trying to build up towards this moment. So far, details of when he will be making his return appearance are still kept under wraps. Knowing that Jerome is a crowd favorite among the cast of characters, him coming back is best kept as a surprise.

Gotham Season 3 airs Mondays on Fox.

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