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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale Spoilers: Heartbreaking Alex-Jo Farewell; Amelia Goes Missing

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While we will not be seeing our resident doctors for a while, an emotional goodbye for two characters will leave viewers with a heavy heart in spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy finale.

Midseason Grey’s Anatomy finale always goes big, and there will be no difference this time. Every doctor from all corners of the Grey-Sloan Hospital will be swamped with patients to attend to due to a fallen building. As our doctors save lives, will they be able to save theirs?

Alex Bids Goodbye

A midseason finale equals to goodbye, not only to viewers, but also for Alex and Jo. The two shared a past and even though they may no longer be together, they still deserve a decent farewell for each other.

Emotional spoilers show Andrew catching up with Jo to say his last words for her after he has made up his decision. He believes he will be going to jail but his decision will not only affect him, but others as well. The jail time comes after the altercation that occurred between him and fellow doctor DeLuca in the previous season.

Alex tells Jo, who appeared not too eager to talk at first, that after the next day, they “might not get a chance to talk.”

“I might not see you after,” Alex says. He continues by apologizing for the things he said which he regretted.

He also looked like he was about to say something but thought better of it. He instead emphasizes that she is “not trash” and he apologizes again. With that, he walks out the door from a stunned Jo.

Midseason Finale “Missing-In-Action Situation”

Another relationship is at stake. Kevin McKkid has previously given spoilers that amid the hospital crisis, Owen, his character, will be facing a “pretty dramatic” dilemma of his own. While everyone is busy getting their hands full, Owen will notice that Amelia is missing-in-action.

Has something happened to her?

As of now, one thing is for sure. Kevin promises a “good, solid midseason finale” to the viewers.

Grey’s Anatomy finale will air on Thursday on ABC. The medical drama series will return on Jan. 19.

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