John Cleese Writes Letter Mocking America for Choosing the ‘Wrong President’ [HOAX DEBUNKED]

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John Cleese Writes Letter Mocking America for Choosing the ‘Wrong President’ [Rumor]

A sarcastic letter declaring Britain’s revocation of American Independence is all over social media. It was said that it was written by John Clees, of Monty Python fame. They said that Cleese wrote a letter to America because he was dismayed and that the Americans failed to elect an efficient president, pertaining to the recent win of President-elect Donald Trump.

The letter to America is for the citizens who voted for the “wrong president.” The content of the said letter was to make fun of the U.S. government as well as the people; from having Queen Elizabeth take over all the states except Utah, to having its own Prime Minister and disbanding the Senate and Congress. It includes the suggestion that America should change its National Anthem and that July 4 should no longer be considered public holiday, among others.

Reports credited this piece to John Cleese, an English actor, a comedian and a writer. However, there was no evidence that Cleese wrote it. Nevertheless, whoever wrote it, the letter to America being shared by many is still thought to be pertaining to President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.

But the long and complicated letter was said to have originated from a much shorter version by Alan Baxter of Rochester in U.K. He wrote and posted it as a mocking commentary on the controversial presidential election that happened in the year 2000.

The said results of the presidential election in Florida were discussed for weeks so the U.S Supreme Court stepped in to stop the recount. Eventually, they declared George W. Bush as the winner despite the fewer votes.

Many anonymous and humorous letters have been written to mock the American culture and politics before. Just like this letter wrongly attributed to John Cleese, most of them show a British viewpoint on American affairs.

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