Reason Why Taylor Swift, Katy Petty Aren’t Friends Anymore: Tell-All Memoir Might Reopen Closed Chapter

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Katy Perry, shown singing to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last July, made headline news again when her long-running feud with Taylor Swift was unearthed in Andy Cohen’s memoir. It also revealed the sweet friendship they once had.

Whether it is an old flame or an old feud, interesting revelations keep coming out from tell-all celebrity memoirs penned by entertainment personalities. Case in point is American talk show host and producer Andy Cohen, who just confirmed the Katy Perry-Taylor Swift friendship-turned-sour relationship.


Cohen’s new book, Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries, dished about the small talk he had with Taylor at the Met Gala, while the Shake It Off singer was looking around for a place to sit.

In his book, Bravo’s ranking executive for original programming and development admitted to saying “the wrong thing,” by referring Taylor to her friend Katy, who was sitting in a corner that had lots of room around her. At that point, Cohen recounted that Taylor asked, “Katy who?”

The negative vibe was uncovered, and it eventually saw print. Cohen later on said that Taylor asked him not to divulge the little chit-chat on his show, but that she did not say it was off-the-record in the new book.


The big reveal comes at a time when Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have become preoccupied with many other matters. Taylor has cultivated a new friendship — with Blake Lively. She now also has supermodels as part of her squad.  recently expressed that she has gotten tired of too much publicity as far as her dating life is concerned.

Nowadays, while the Bad Blood singer may have focused on the good aspects of the two boyfriends she has split up with, other negative news continue to weigh her down. Andy Cohen’s revelation unearthed one of her big pet peeves.

For those not updated on the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud, the two big hitters in the music charts used to be chummy. Seven years ago, Taylor even tweeted Katy birthday greetings and called the Roar singer “pretty girl” as she praised how she threw a  a birthday party. The friendship, however, took a blow when, deep into their world tours, Taylor noted how Katy tried to hire out a bunch of people from under her.

In September 2014, Katy tweeted, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…” When Taylor released Bad Blood, a track from her 1989 that had lyrics relating the betrayal in a friendship, many people believed it was a diss at Katy Perry.

The feud continued to make headlines through cryptic social media posts and responses to fans. Asked if she was open to collaborating with Taylor, the Firework singer tweeted, “If she says sorry, sure!”


The past months saw Katy actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton. One of her recent tweets to fellow Americans urged them not to sit still and not to weep, but to “MOVE.” She then tweeted, “We are not a nation that will let HATE lead us.”  The big question is if Katy Perry will  be able to use the same adage when it comes to her former friend Taylor Swift. Is it the friendship or just the drama that is over?

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